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Banner FAQs

Are “banners” those advertisements on web sites?
Yes. Banners are the biggest and probably the best kind of display advertising on web sites because they are large, rectangular, at the top and throughout most web sites, and pretty hard to miss.

What do advertisers use them for?
Banners are extremely versatile, to say the least, and hence they are used for all kinds of purposes—from branding, to new product development, lead generation, and to spread the word about sales and events.

Do I have to share space with other banner advertising on your site?
Banners are typically set in a regular rotation with other banners. Sometimes our software even moves them through other places on the site. Exclusivity is possible if you want to reach consumers each and every time they refresh the page.

In your opinion, what’s the best way to use a banner?
As a blogging company, our mission in life is to get consumers—your customers and prospects—to take action. So the best display advertising on the web urges the consumer to click through for more information, or a must-see offer, or a way to participate with the product or service. Though not as “interactive” as some of the newer advertising forms, banner advertising should never be passive but should move people to take action. They can be a useful component of your advertising strategy with Post Time.

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Banner FAQs

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Post Time’s way of offering the very  best deals and offers—from 50 to 90 percent off—from the very best companies to customers in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Front Range.

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The old ways of reaching your customers—newspapers and print ads, for example—just don’t work the way  they  used to in a world that has moved online overnight. Why spend all your money in print? Instead, with Post Time Media, you can go directly to your customers and/or prospect by using electronic mail marketing in new and innovative ways.

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