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Best Deals FAQs

What is Best Deals in Town?
Best Deals is a new email marketing program being offered by Post Time Media, publisher of Aspen Post, to businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley.

What’s The Best Deal of the Day?
Every day we offer a single deal in the valley at a deep discount—at least 50 percent—provided by one of our partners: the email goes out to our opt-in Best Deals email database of over 17,000 people in the Roaring Fork Valley.

What does it cost me to try Best Deals?
Nothing upfront. There’s no risk to our partners beyond the fulfilling the deal you’ve agreed to.

How do we make money?
The beauty of The Best Deal of the Day is that consumers make the purchase immediately with us online via credit card and then are given a certificate for your deal. We split the revenue from the deal with you 50-50 (less a 3 percent transaction fee you pay for processing) and write you a check for the amount due on a monthly basis.

What is “group buying”?
Our Best Deal of the Day won’t activate unless a fixed number of customers buy the deal online, an arrangement which encourages people to let their friends know through links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

What if too many customers want the deal? Or too few?
There is an upper limit on each deal, set by our partners, that determines how many of the specific deals are available before the sale is over. If too few sign up, the deal is off.

What are the other advantages of Best Deals?
For a small business, there’s probably no better way to drive traffic to your business—and there’s certainly no way to do it without spending big upfront. If you have extra inventory that you can’t sell once it’s gone—like hotel rooms and concert tickets—The Daily Deal can produce new revenue that would otherwise be lost. If you have a high margin product or service then Best Deals is ideal. And it never hurts to put the name of your business in front of 17,000 people at no charge.

What kind of businesses work best for Best Deals?
Across the country, group buying like Best Deals has proven to be remarkably effective across a range of business—restaurants, retail stores, destinations, resorts, hotel, massages, yoga lessons, club memberships, and many many more.

What about special conditions and blackout dates?
We encourage you to include conditions or restrictions in your offer. If the holiday week is jammed, for example, you can exclude it from your deal.

Why makes you think this will work?
Because people all over the country are buying into these deals in massive numbers—and there are waiting lists across the country for advertisers anxious to participate.

Who is the company behind Best Deals in Town?
We are Post Time Media Inc. and we’ve been in business for over five years with the Aspen Post blog. The company has also been marketing email blasts to our proprietary database in the Roaring Fork Valley for two years. The founder and CEO of the company is Michael Conniff, host of “Con Games” on and KUUR-FM in Aspen, Basalt, and Glenwood Springs.


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Best Deals

Post Time’s way of offering the very  best deals and offers—from 50 to 90 percent off—from the very best companies to customers in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Front Range.

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