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Blasts FAQs

What is a “Blast”?
A Blast is our Post Time terminology for an email offer sent directly to our database of opted-in subscribers. We say “Blast” because we send them out in large numbers in the same offer.

Who has done Blasts with Post Time so far?
All kinds of different companies—St. Regis Aspen, Aspen Sports, East-West Resorts, Climate Control Corporation, Aspen Chamber Resort Association, Aspen Art Museum, and many others across a variety of industries.

What have Blasts been used for?
To tell people about a great discount offer at a local store. To let tens of thousands of people on the Front Range know about terrific deals in Aspen and Beaver Creek. To invite thousands of people to a nonprofit fundraiser. In a local political campaign. And simply to spread the word.

What kind of response can I expect?
Most results are in the 2 to 10 percent range, as with most direct response mediums. But it depends: with a great offer, or an announcement of great interests, Blasts can go viral.

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