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Blogvertorial FAQs

What is a “blogvertorial”? Never heard of it.
Business across the country are beginning to deploy blogging as a business tool—a way to communicate with customers on an ongoing and continuous basis. It’s all about communicating and connecting with your customers in a new and personal way.

What kind of businesses are doing it?
The Aspen Club and Spa. The Aspen Music Festival and School. Aspen Art Museum. Qittle mobile marketing. A range of business across industries are learning how to integrate blogging into their daily work.

Why would my business use a blog?
To communicate with customers. On the most basic level, it’s a way to let your customers and prospects know about your company’s products and services. But it’s also a way to communicate directly with individual customers in a way that generates return business and polishes your company’s brand.

Can I use it to sell things?
Absolutely. You can use a blogvertorial to sell a product by fully explaining its virtues—and welcoming comments and suggestions. You can also provide a direct link for ecommerce if you have it available. Blogvertorials can also be effective for lead generation.

What if people get nasty?
We can moderate comments to make sure the bad stuff never sees the light of day.

Does blogging help build up your Google search rankings?
No question about it. Frequent blogging leads to traffic that leads to better rankings.

Can I use it to update my Facebook and Twitter accounts?
Post Time’s blogs allow you to blog and then update social media at the same time. Blogvertorials are becoming an important part of a business’s online and social media portfolio.

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