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Questions and Answers about Post Time Media

What is Post Time Media Inc.?
We were founded by Michael Conniff and Keith Hemstreet in Aspen in 2005 with the express purpose of becoming the most prominent brand in local blogging. Since then The Company has started up and operates Aspen Post with plans for many more blogs to come. In all, The Company has registered more than 1,000 domains with the word “Post” in them, including most major markets, resorts communities, and best places to live. Simply put, we are in the business of building communities online.

Why is the word “Post” important?
Post is an historic newspaper word with continuing significance—Washington Post, Denver Post, New York Post—but the word is equally germane to blogging because to update a blog is to “post.” Thus Post is the perfect crossover term for a company trying to bring the best of what a newspaper has to offer into a new world online.

What is blogging?
Blogging literally stands for “web log,” the online equivalent of people writing in their personal journal, albeit a journal where anyone can comment on what they see. Blogs are typically unedited and unfiltered, thereby giving complete control to the blogger, rather than editors who might have very different agendas. Blogs are also similar to the letters to the editor people write to newspapers with important differences: blogs are typically not censored or edited in any way, and readers of print newspapers have no way to immediately make their own opinions known.

How do you keep people from name-calling and getting ugly on your blogs?
We have a simple rule that is enforced both by our editors and our bloggers: no one is allowed to get personal in their blogging or their comments. This self-enforcing rule is so effective we rarely have to delete posts or comments. The civil tone of our blogs in one of our singular accomplishments over Post Time Media’s three-and-a-half years of life. Nonetheless, our staff reads every blog and every comment to make sure no one crosses the line.

Why are so many people blogging now?
We have over 80 bloggers—and hundreds of commenters—at our flagship Aspen Post, in a town with a permanent population of 6,000, because there are many people in our community who don’t have a voice or a soapbox to share their views. But we are also part of something much bigger than us, the tsunami of so-called “user-generated content” that is also driving social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and You Tube in the “social networking” Internet space on the World Wide Web. This is literally a permanent sea change in media.

Do your Posts offer any other information besides blogging?
They sure do. Aspen Post, like all our blogs, is a fully-featured platform for all kinds of content. In addition to our blogs, we have Post Times News, Post Time Radio, Post Time Television, and a full Calendar. We also link to all the local and regional newspapers via our News Hole. We believe that our Post properties will become the platform and portal for all kinds of media and content that our audience wants in communities throughout the United States.

How can I advertise with Post Time Media?
We have several options, with banner advertising being the most traditional and visible. But we have also pioneered the use of blogs, also known as “blogvertorials,” for advertisers, and email blasts, texting, and other innovative techniques that help you own your customer.

Why would a business want to blog?
Because it’s the equivalent of putting a story on the front page of a newspaper any time you want. Because blogs are seen by our audience as closer to the truth than traditional media, having your own blog on one of our Posts creates a direct line to the consumer that you control—and a way to get the word out about your latest programs, promotions, discounts, public relations efforts, and marketing initiatives. When you update your blog, it appears instantly on our home page and we promote it further with an “Editor’s Pick” at the top of the Post home page.

How is that “blogging”?
Good question. For a business, a blog you control is a new kind of way to get the word out, one that rewards the soft sell of useful content far more than the hard sell of traditional print and broadcasting.

How have businesses used blogvertorials so far?
One of the most dramatic examples is Zele Café in downtown Aspen. Every few weeks Post Time conducted an “open” interview with a community figure at the Zele Community Table. A transcript is then posted on Aspen Post as a way to simulate the unpredictable intersections that people share at a communal table. Zele was thus able to use Aspen Post to reinforce their brand and their brand positioning as an asset that brings the community together.

Are there businesses that do their own blogging?
Absolutely. The Aspen Club and Spa has produced a prodigious amount of information, everything from health tips to benefits, from videos to diaries about turning 40. The Aspen Club on Aspen Post has enabled the club to position itself as the authority on health and wellness—not just in Aspen, but on the Web as well. The Aspen Music Festival and School has an outreach director who has been blogging about their composer and performers working with young students in local schools. Business blogging is a versatile and powerful tool.

But what if we don’t have time to blog?
Not to worry. Post Time Media includes help with content creation as part of our basic service, and will help you with additional content creation for a reasonable fee.

Why should I advertise with Post Time Media when I already and spending so much in other media like newspapers, magazines, radio, and television?
The simple answer is we have an audience of tens of thousands of monthly visitors online that continues to grow—an audience we measure and track—and an email database of tens of thousands of consumers in the Roaring Fork Valley, the Front Range, and even in Colorado Springs.

What if I really don’t “get” the online world or Facebook or any of that?
We can help you as an advertiser to dip your toe into this new online world, where the rules of the game have changed. And, of course, if you’re not online yet, then you’re missing out on the present and the future—because your key customers are spending more and more of their time online instead of reading print products dated the moment they see the light of day. One other reason: compared to traditional media, advertising with Post Time Media is so cost-effective you’re guaranteed to get more bang for the buck.

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